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How do roots make their way to the sewer line?

Numerous homes, especially those built before 35 years ago, have sewer lines with pipe sections made of earthenware or clay. To connect them together, the narrower ends need to be inserted to the bell ends. Rubber rings are then placed to make sure the bell ends do not move. These pipes will be constantly subjected to ground movement allowing the rubber rings of the pipes to loosen. Once the grout on the bell ends cracks, wastewater will leak enabling tree roots to make their way into the pipe. Debris from household wastewater could accumulate leading to blockages.

If you are living in an old property, there is a good chance this is happening. If you notice any of the signs
of blocked drains, call us right away.

Blocked drains signs:

  • Unpleasant smells
  • Sewer gully overflow
  • Water draining slowly
  • Water in the toilet bowl rises
  • Gurgling sounds in the toilet

In the past, blocked drains caused by tree roots were fixed using something called an electric eel. It breaks down roots in the sewer line but, unfortunately, it does not fix the problem of root penetration. In addition, if the problem cannot be found right away, a lot of digging will have to be done, and a good portion of your property will get messed up. Not only that, this service is expensive and takes several days to finish.

Nowadays, we offer homeowners a hassle-free, time-saving, and money-saving alternative to the traditional method of dealing with blocked sewers: pipe relining.

“How do you go about pipe relining?”

    1. Before lining, the sewer pipe has to be cleaned by jetting so that some amount of debris is removed.

    2. A camera is then placed in the pipe so the team knows where exactly the problem is located and the severity of the blockage.

    3. Debris and the roots that caught them will then be cleared out with a water jetter. This prepares the blocked sewer pipe for lining.

    4. The team will then insert the lining down the sewer pipe. The lining is inverted using a machine, blown open, and left in the sewer pipe for a few hours so that it will stick to the walls.

    5. A quality assessment will then be done with the video camera used earlier.

“Why should I go with pipe relining in case of a sewer pipe blockage?”

Prevents costly and destructive sewer backups caused by tree root penetration in the future.

  • The lining lasts more than fifty years in your property, making it a one-shot solution against blocked drains.
  • Helps prevent soil contamination.
  • Since this procedure can be done in hours, this prevents any costly and unsightly disruptions.
  • Makes your property more valuable.

No need to hire someone to remove the trees in the property in the event of a sewer blockage due to tree root penetration. All you need to do is to take advantage of our pipe relining services by calling us through 0488 886 296.