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Leaking Water Supply

Leaking water supply does not come planned. It comes unnoticed and often leaves you with the least time to act. This therefore requires you to stay active at all times and ensure that all your systems work properly. In case you have experienced a situation when water is leaking at the base of the tank by the water supply line, then you understand that even the smallest nuisance can turn into a massive damage. Always keep in mind that a leakage in your water heater is a sign of a big problem. It can even result into hefty bills in case instant action is not taken.


In case you discover a leakage in your water heater tank, be smart in knowing what to do. The first thing that you should do is to turn off the power supply to your water heater. In case you use electricity, then turn off the circuit breaker instantly. Electricity and water is a very dangerous combination altogether. Remember to locate the main water supply valve and turn it off immediately. This will help slow the rate of leakage in your system. Moreover, discover the location of the leak. In case of a larger leak that you may not be capable of repairing, then you should contact a plumbing expert to do it for you. These are the things that you need to do; check the rubber washer at the bottom of the tank. Ensure that the bowl and tank are touching properly to the ridge. The lock nut should be tightened properly and that there are no loose connections.


Before doing your repairs, you should contact a professional to do it for you because you may not know when the problem may occur again. Proper maintenance should be carried out in order to keep your system working. Improper connections at the base of the water tank are very sensitive as this is where all the pressure is exerted. In case water is leaking at the base of the tank by the water supply line, then it suggests a very serious problem. It will be difficult working alone when your tank is full with water. However, it is very easy to do it all in case you contact a licensed plumber to do it for you.