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Central Heating Pump Problems

If you discover that the water coming out of the taps in your home is frigid or you probably can’t stand the cold in your house, then there are important checks that you need to make so that can help clearly describe the nature of the problem to the engineer who is going to make repairs. The central heating pump might be having problems because of different reasons. For you to identify the problem:


– Check whether the programmer in the central heating is on. It might have been mistakenly turned off.


– Confirm whether then thermostats are turned up to the right level.


– If the motorized valve in the central system does not open properly or shows resistance while opening, there is a possibility that the motor is burnt up. You need to contact an engineer to fix the problem.


– Confirm whether the electricity supply has been switched on and then go ahead to check whether the fuse in the central heating is blown or in proper condition. If everything seems to be working properly working yet the programmer does not receive power, it means there is a loose connection. You should hire an electrician to check and then fix the wiring.


– The pump might be running yet the boiler does not show lights. If this is the case in your heating system, confirm whether the pilot light is turned on and also ensure the gas supply is on at the meter. When the pilot light is off, you can follow the procedure outlined on the boiler casing or in the handbook to relight.


– If the pressure of the water from the central heating pump has dropped you need to contact your reliable water supply company to give advice or fix the problem.


The central heating might be working yet there is no water. What are you supposed to do?


– Ensure the thermostat is set to 60 degrees Celsius on the hot water cylinder.


– Ensure the motorized valve to the cylinder is open (if fitted).


When the pump is jammed, the upstairs radiators will be hot while the downstairs radiators will tend to be cold. You might be required to contact an engineer to come and fix the problem.


Once you identify any central heating pump problems are sure to call an engineer or your water supply company to come and fix the given part that is faulty.