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No Hot Water Kensington


Harry was having a party with his close friends in Kensington. There were more people there than he remembered inviting but it was a well behaved group all having a good time. The BBQ was loaded with chicken and sausages with heaps of salads and bread to feed the hungry group.

As the party wore on the crowd stayed on and became louder and louder. More food and drink was consumed and some of Harry’s friends noticed the amount of mess there was to clean up. Some of his friends started to gather up plates and glasses to try avoid the typical big clean up the next day.

The girls were fighting a losing battle, there was no way they could keep ahead of the waves of mess, they gave up and enjoyed the rest of the party. A bowl of chips was knocked onto the floor and as it spun around it spilled its contents all over the floor and under the table.

Early the next morning, Harry closed the front door for the last time as the last of his guests left. He didn’t even take note of all the mess that there was to clean up.

Harry wandered out of his room in the afternoon and was feeling a bit sad for himself. He waded through the piles of plates and glasses all over place. No point complaining about it he thought, he grabbed a big garbage bag and started throwing in the rubbish he could find. He then dragged the recycling bin closer to the door and collected all of the bottles that were lying around the house.

There was a growing pile of dishes on the sink and he started to fill the sink with what he thought was hot water. He stared at the sink and waited for the hot water fill. He tested the water and found that it was cold.

He turned off the tap and walked into the bathroom and turned on the hot tap in the vanity, it too was cold.

He grabbed a magnet that was on the fridge from Your Neighbourhood Plumber Kensington and called regarding having no hot water in Kensington. The plumber arrived and diagnosed the problem as a broken thermostat that required replacement.

The Plumber turned off the power and replaced the thermostat to ensure that the tank was functioning correctly again. Within the next hour the tank had reached temperature and Harry was able to get started on cleaning up the dishes. All of his military training had prepared him for disaster situations but nothing like this!

If you have no hot water in Kensington call us on 0488 886 296 .

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