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Do you have a Plumbing Emergency?

Getting worried over a leaking tap? Allow a professional plumber to have it fixed. At Plumber Kensington, we are committed in the delivery of fast and dependable plumbing services. Our emergency plumbers are certified to handle several types of plumbing emergencies including:

  • Blocked drains

  • Hot water emergencies

  • Leaks or burst pipes

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Plumbing Emergency Kensington


The news of the arrival of their great grandson was very exciting for Elizabeth & Phillip. They were very happy that both Mum and baby were doing well. They were so excited to have a little baby around and the next thing any great grandmother would do is to throw a garden tea party to celebrate.

Elizabeth had her sons and her grandsons cleaning up the garden and making sure the backyard looked in fine shape for such a joyous occasion. She had hired a marquee, tables, and chairs so that the guests would be seated in comfort during the garden tea party.

The lawns were mowed, the shrubbery was trimmed and the garden weeded and mulched all ready for the arrival of the marquee. The party hire company unloaded the marquee, tables and chairs and moved it all into the backyard.

The young men were staking the marquee and positioning it in the backyard when they had an accident. One of them was using a sledgehammer to secure the supports and it had pieced a water pipe running to the rear garden tap. Water sprayed all over the young man and the supervisor hurried to turn off the water at the mains.

The supervisor immediately informed Elizabeth of the accident and advised her that he had turned the water off. She was rather upset as the party was tomorrow. The supervisor called Your Neighbourhood Plumber Kensington to organise a Kensington Emergency Plumber service.

Phillip stood watch as the Kensington Plumber dutifully dug around the broken pipe and repaired the break in the line. He turned on the water supply and test the line for leaks. Once tested he backfilled the area and replaced the turf so you could barely see where the problem was.

The garden tea party was a raging success. The caterers did an amazing job and all of the friends and relatives of the newborn baby had a great time.

If you a have a Kensington Plumbing Emergency don’t worry help is at hand, call us on 0488 886 296 .


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