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Facts You Need to Know About Plumber’s Tape

In general, plumber’s tape is defined as: any strapping or adhesive used to hold together two or more pipes. In many shops, there are two products which have this name, but they are a little different from one another. PTFE tape or polytetrafluoroethylene tape is one such product, and this is the one which most resembles plumber’s tape. It is used in patching holes and strengthening pipe joints and is not sticky, despite how it is commonly called. Instead, it looks and feels like slick cloth. Metal strapping is the second kind of product. It functions in the same manner, but it is fashioned from metal and goes over pipes to join these together. It is great for high heat applications and industrial pipes. Choosing which of the two products to use often involves knowing the kind of pipe you will be working on and the nature of the project.

Uses and Basic Properties
One of the definitions of plumbing is linking and joining a system of pipes in a way that these can reliably and dependably move a number of fluids from an area to the next one. Regardless of the durability of the pipes, there are times when leaks need to be patched and joints need to be reinforced, and one way to fix and reinforce leaks and joints respectively is to wrap them with plumber’s tape.

As already stated, these products are not as adhesive as craft tape, although they serve the same purpose as craft tape. These also are more forgiving and easier to use compared to pipe glue and other adhesives, making them popular among plumbers.

This kind of plumber’s tape is mainly used to seal the threads of pipes. It is a thin, cream-coloured or white tape that fills the gaps between pipe threads and lubricates fittings when tightened together. Often, it is so easy to use, but some things can be done to make its application easier.

All a plumber needs to do is to wrap thes tape around the threads and avoid going beyond the pipe so small pieces do not dislodge and clog the plumbing eventually. Also, the plumber needs to put two loops of tape by the end portion of the pipe right before wrapping the threads, overlapping ½ of the width of the tape every time.

Metal strapping
This second type of plumber’s tape is a metal strip with a number of holes that run its length. It is primarily used to support pipes mechanically, although it can also be used to make joints stronger. To use this kind of tape, one needs to use a specialised tool so that it fits properly. Despite being great for many kinds of pipes, these are more appropriate for hot water and gas connections.

These are the things you must know about plumber’s tape. You can ask local plumbers about how they use this if you want to know how skilled they are.