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Preventing Problem With Drainage In Your Home

There is nothing worse than having problems with the drainage system. Such problems are brought about by clogging of drains. The worse comes when the clogged drain system appears to produce a very stinky- sharp smell. However, it is easy to miss drainage troubles by having a keen eye. Few people think ahead to prevent blocked drains despite the many available ways on how keep off such common drainage problems. Let see some of the things which causes drainage problems and how to prevent this from happening.


Causes of problems with drainage in your home


Grease and fat is the most common, but still the easiest to prevent. Accumulation of fat in the pipe over a period of time inside the drain pipes can cause blockage. Also, hair and foreign objects like food or soaps is a threat to the drainage system. They prevent water from flowing freely, hence eventually causing the drain to block. However, all these can be prevented from happening with just simple ways.


How to prevent bad smells and problem with drainage in your home


* Use of baking soda


With the use of just a simple baking soda concoction, you can prevent the awful scents from permeating in your house. The purpose of the baking soda is to dissolve any grime or fatty acids collecting in your drains. This is the most effective preventive measure of clogged and smelly drains and should be used most often.


* Avoid putting cooking fat or food scraps down your sink


Food scraps should at least be thrown in the trash can. One can also install strainers over all bathrooms and kitchen drains in order to trap any food waste, hair or soap that might want to find its way to the pipes. But always be sure to clean the strainers often. As for the cooking fat, diluting with boiled water is the most effective way before going down the drain.


Final word


Drainage problems can be potentially serious if one is not very keen. In the least time and effort, one can always remedy drainage issues. Don’t wait until it’s too late.