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Blocked Drain

Blocked Drain Specialists

Got a sewer clog? Set your mind at rest and contact a professional plumber immediately. At Plumber Kensington, we are dedicated in providing low-cost plumbing services with premium quality. Our Blocked Drain Specialists are well-equipped and highly skilled to deal with all kinds of blocked drains.

What are the major causes of blocked drains?

  • Old homes having terracotta pipes are vulnerable to tree root intrusion, the primary cause of sewer clogs
  • Debris such as silt and building materials can accumulate in certain areas of the sewer line giving rise to clogs
  • Grease and fat can solidify on the interior walls of drain pipes resulting to obstructions
  • Faults in the sewer line can also cause blockages

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Clearing your Blocked Drain

What are some of the equipment and supplies used by the Blocked Drain Specialists?

  • Bio-Clean, an environmentally friendly drain cleaning agent
  • High strength acid
  • RootX, a foaming pipeline root control product
  • Hydro-jet cleaning system
  • Electric Eel drain cleaning machine

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Blocked drain in Kensington.

Catherine and William were looking forward to the impending arrival of their first baby. They were busy every weekend preparing the babies room. William had enlisted the help of his brother to repaint the room and recarpet the floor.

They had recently bought a cot and were struggling to put it together as the instructions did not really match up with the pieces of the cot. They improvise, drilling new holes and strengthening the entire framework of the cot.

As the months flew by, the excitement from their family and friends grew, it was like the entire world was waiting for this baby to be born. As Catherine went into hospital no one knew if she was having a boy or a girl.

William phoned Charlie his father with the great news, Dad it’s a boy! He exclaimed excitedly. The phone was running hot all afternoon with William calling family and friends with the good news.

Catherine left hospital a few days after the birth introducing her new son to his room, a room fit for a king! She had everything she needed to care for her new son and lots of advice from her excited Mum and Dad.

She was surprised how many times you have to change a babies nappy and use baby wipes to care of any mess. She loved her son and wanted to make sure that nothing ever hurt his delicate skin so she went to great lengths to ensure he was perfectly clean after every nappy change. Little did Catherine realise that all of the baby wipes were causing problems in the sewer line.

One day when she was going through the morning routine, she flushed the toilet and disaster struck, the toilet kept filling and she gasped as it overflowed. She was horrified and hurried to the find the number of a plumber. She found Your Neighbourhood Plumber Kensington and called the number straight away.

The Kensington plumber arrived in a short space of time and diagnosed the situation with the toilet. He was able to access the line through an inspection opening and found a blockage of tree roots that was now compounded by a large amount of baby wipes! He was able to clear the blockage and he advised Catherine to dispose of the wipes with the nappy rather than flushing them to avoid future blockages.

If you a have a blocked toilet in Kensington or slow running drains don’t worry help is at hand, call us on 0488 886 296 .

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